Special Announcements

Announcer Hand Green-Red Eyes

Video series
November 6, 2011 - April 11, 2014

Special Announcements is a fan-made spin-off series.


Announcer Hand hosts his own news show and gives viewers up-to-date information on fan-made spin-offs like Oobi's New House and An Oobi Vacation.


The first Special Announcements video was released on November 6, 2011. Episodes were released regularly from then until 2012, when they became less frequent. They had almost completely stopped being produced until April 11, 2014, when a single announcement was created starring Announcer Hand in a completely new background. There has been no word of the series being cancelled, but it has been years since the last video.



A complete list of episodes is unavailable, as the series is no longer on YouTube. The titles of the first episode, Special Announcement: 11/6/11, and the final episode, Special Announcement: 4/11/14, are known.