Potatohead781 Oobi Meets A New Friend

Video series
June 2010 - October 2010

Potatohead781 is a fan-made spin-off series.


A group of friends, who all happen to be hand puppets, explore the world's wonders. Their adventures include throwing birthday parties, visiting the pool, wearing all kinds of shoes and even meeting aliens!


The series was released to YouTube in summer 2010. With the exception of the Oobi Dance "Partee" episode, all videos have been made private as of 2012.


Main article: List of Potatohead781 characters

The show focuses on four main characters: Blue-Eyed Oobi, Red Oobi, Purple Oobi and Pink Oobi. The majority of characters' names include their eye color.


Main article: List of Potatohead781 episodes

The series ran for two seasons (twenty-five episodes in total).


  • Oobi Aliens
  • Oobi Discovers Shoes
  • Not Cool If It's Not In The Pool
  • Oobi Birthday "Partee"


Potatohead781 Oobi Birthday "Partee"05:05

Potatohead781 Oobi Birthday "Partee"

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