Oobi's house is the main setting of Oobi's New House.


Most episodes of Oobi's New House focus on a specific room in the house. It has a living room with a widescreen television, a kitchen with plenty of food, four bedrooms, and a guest room. It is located between Mary Johnson's house and Inka's house.



The bathroom is a small room with a sink and a floral design on the walls. It is first visited in Bathroom! and can be seen briefly in the Attic! episode.


The kitchen is where the characters prepare food. It is only visited in Kitchen!


There are four bedrooms in the house (one for each member of the family, in addition to a guest room). They are visited in three episodes: Oobi's Room!, Uma's Room! and Grampu's Room!


The attic is located on the uppermost floor. Grampu routinely asks Oobi to clean it, as seen in the Attic! episode. It contains old clothes (as well as several creatures).

Living room

The living room is located on the bottom floor. In the center of the room is Grampu's large, expensive couch. It also contains a widescreen television (as mentioned in the pilot).


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