Love Lost is the second episode of Oobi and Kakoo.


Oobi discovers that the contract keeping him and Kakoo together has expired. He is ecstatic, but Kakoo is devastated!


The episode opens with an establishing shot of the sun shining above a forest. Light piano music plays in the background. The camera quickly pans to Kakoo, who interrupts the peace by shrieking loudly. She is not shown and only heard from behind the bathroom door (where she went in the previous episode Gotta Go). She calls for Oobi and finds him playing on his cell phone. Kakoo, who is terribly upset, explains to Oobi that he left the toilet seat up and she fell in. He denies this. While he talks, Kakoo notices writing on Oobi's arm. She reads it aloud and realizes that it is a list of Girl Scout cookie types. Kakoo asks Oobi why he was selling Girl Scout cookies and did not give any to her.

Oobi tells her that Uma was selling the cookies, not him. He exclaims that he is tired of these arguments and wants to break up with Kakoo. "Uh-uh-uh, it's against the contract!" Kakoo says in a sing-song voice. Oobi demands to see the contract. Kakoo mocks him and storms off to find it. She shows him the paper, which states that Oobi agrees to be Kakoo's boyfriend until the expiration date. It expired on February 13, 2015, which (according to Oobi) was yesterday. "I'," Oobi mutters. "I'm free. I'm free! Woo!" he says as he dances offscreen. Grampu, who was watching the entire incident, asks Kakoo if she is okay. She slowly begins to cry comically. The episode ends with a cliffhanger and the words "To be continued" appearing.



  • Judging by what Oobi says about the expiration date, this episode takes place on February 14, 2015. It can be inferred that the episode was initially planned to be released around that time, but held off.
  • This episode reveals that Oobi and Kakoo had been dating for five years and a day.
  • Although Gotta Go was released as a separate episode before this one, Love Lost is the first episode to reintroduce the characters and set up the main conflict.



Love Lost - Oobi and Kakoo03:26

Love Lost - Oobi and Kakoo

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