The following is a list of episodes in the fan-made spin-off Potatohead781.

List of episodes

Season 1

  • Oobi Opening Ceremony
  • Oobi Fashion Show
  • Oobi Evolution
  • Oobi Aliens
  • Oobi Banana Monsters
  • Oobi Discovers Socks
  • Oobi Opens The Door To Narnia
  • Oobi Discovers Shoes
  • Oobis in a Conga Line
  • Oobi Halloween
  • Oobi Tries To Eat Chicken
  • Not Cool If It's Not In The Pool
  • Oobi Gets His Teeth Pulled Out
  • Oobi Meets A New Friend
  • Oobi Weather Report
  • Oobi Plays Twister
  • Oobi Upside Down Day
  • Oobi Goes Skydiving
  • Oobi Tries To Eat Hair
  • Oobi Goes Time Traveling
  • Oobi Gets Braces
  • Oobi Bedroom
  • Oobi Birthday "Partee"
  • Oobi Random

Season 2

  • Green and Pink Oobi's Annoucement
  • Oobi - The Month Mix-up
  • Oobi Season Two Intro
  • Oobi Spills the Beans
  • Oobi Nail Salon

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