The following is a list of characters in the fan-made spin-off Potatohead781.

List of characters

Main characters

  • Blue-Eyed Oobi - The protagonist of the series. He is a hand puppet with blue-green eyes. Blue-Eyed Oobi has braces, though they appear and disappear throughout the show.
  • Red Oobi - One of the many Oobis. He has red eyes and is very mischeivous. He lies to the viewers and tells them it is not cool to do the right thing.
  • Purple Oobi - The announcer Oobi. Purple Oobi tells the viewers what will happen in the show before it starts. His personality is similar to that of Announcer Hand (from Special Announcements).
  • Pink Oobi - A girl Oobi and Red Oobi's sister. She is best friends with Green-Eyed Oobi.

Recurring characters

  • Candy Oobi - Red Oobi's best friend. She is only seen in Oobi Bedroom.
  • Green-Eyed Oobi - Pink Oobi's loyal BFF. Green-Eyed Oobi is always seen with Pink Oobi. Seemingly, Green-Eyed is Pink's boyfriend, judging by their kissing in the Oobi Birthday "Partee" episode.
  • Turquoise Oobi - The new Oobi on the block. Quite shy and nervous, Turquoise Oobi rarely speaks to the other Oobis.

Minor characters

  • Teenager - A teenager who has long brown hair. Only seen in Oobi Goes Skydiving and Oobi Tries To Eat Hair.
  • Hand puppets - In several episodes, unnamed Oobis come along on the main characters' adventures.
  • Brown-Eye Oobi - A nice brown-eyed puppet.
  • Green Oobi - Not to be confused with Green-Eyed Oobi, Green Oobi is a character who likes to eat milk and cookies.